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“Dedicate yourself to what gives your life true meaning and purpose; make a positive difference in someone's life.”

Roy T. Bennett

WWho we Are

1stCallHEALTH provides affordable access to primary care telehealth services. We can diagnose, order prescription medications, order and interpret lab test results and x-rays, coordinate care, manage chronic diseases, educate, and be a partner in living your best health.

We offer a wide variety of primary care services including, diagnosing and treating acute and chronic conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, infections and injuries.


To be an advocate and partner in living your best health.


We challenge the status quo, focus on the individual, and empower personal control to change the way we think about healthcare.

Our Team

Karen Leigh Matthews


Chief Executive Officer

Karen Matthews is a Clinical Informaticist and Diagnostic Radiologist with over 20 years of service as a Navy Medical Corps Officer.

During her military career, she served on the Senate Finance Committee as a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow and was a Military Liaison and Senior Advisor to the Office of Global Affairs at Health and Human Services.”

Carolyn Currie

Carolyn Currie

Director of Clinical Operations

Carolyn Currie is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner and Global Public Health Nurse with over 38 years of clinical experience including her 28 year career as a Navy Nurse Corps Officer.

She has served around the globe caring for military personnel and provided support for The President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS relief on the continent of Africa.

Colleen Leners

Colleen Leners


Chief Health Officer

Colleen Leners is the Chief Health officer for 1stCallHealth.

She has maintained an active family nurse practitioner practice for over 26 years and has served our country in the United States Army Nurse Corps. Colleen was awarded the Bronze Star for her service overseas.


“Dedicate some of your life to others. Your dedication will not be a sacrifice. It will be an exhilarating experience because it is an intense effort applied toward a meaningful end."

Dr. Thomas Dooley

Founder’s Statement

I grew up in a small agricultural town in the central valley of California. As you drove north on Highway 65, you were greeted by a sign that read “Lindsay: A Nice Town, A Great Olive.” Elementary school field trips to the olive plant meant sticking our fingers into the barrels and placing a black cap on the tip of each nail. Then, stuffing our mouths and doing it all over again.

You can still buy Lindsay olives. They just aren’t processed in my small hometown anymore. A combination of mismanagement, debt, and changing times brought the city to a hard decision. Lindsay Olives was bought out by another company and moved to another city and into a more corporate world. The olive plant is abandoned but the large cement olive remains, the final reminder, in front of a motel along Highway 65.

My father was a doctor in town. He was that kind of doctor you don’t find anymore. His practice included general surgery, delivering babies, and all things general practice. He knew everyone in town. He would call his patients from home in the evenings to check up on them. If he got a call from the hospital and one of his patients was in the emergency room, he would drive down there and see them himself. He had a relationship with his patients. A trust that he would be there for them.

I grew up with an example of service.

I joined the Navy to pay for medical school. My paternal grandfather served in the Navy and it made sense that I would follow in his footsteps. I didn’t think I would stay for a career, but 20 years goes by quickly and I have had experiences and the opportunity to grow that I would not have had in any other organization.

Just like all of you, I was shaped by my upbringing. For me it was small town, medical family, military service, reliability, and relationships.

1stCallHEALTH is built out of those values. We are Focused on Relationships, Anchored in Service, and Dedicated to Safe-Keeping.

We believe in affordable access to trusted primary care services. When you sign up with 1stCallHEALTH you are part of our family. We are partners in living your best health.

We’re So Glad You’re Here.


Karen Leigh Matthews, MD MBA
Chief Executive Officer